Ground loss

Cracks  in a masonry building due to ground movements


  • Ground movements due to tunnelling
  • Cracks in a masonry building due to ground movements


  • Prediction of ground movements
  • Assessment of risk of building damage due to tunnelling
  • Prediction of main crack locations
  • Data for designing reinforcement

Program ground loss

We introduce a new geotechnical program allowing users not only to determine ground surface settlement induced by tunnelling but also to asses the impact of the ground movements on buildings in the settlement trough area. The program helps to estimate financial compensations for damage induced by tunnel excavation with accuracy acceptable for preparation of contractual documents and also for contractors bidding for tunnel construction.

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Practical engineering experiences

Calculations are supported by practical engineering experience gained during constructions of many road, railway and underground tunnels in soft grounds and clays in Prague, Budapest, Brno etc.

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Theoretical background

The program is based on assessment of risk of building damage due to tunnelling. It compiles with design standards used in the European Union and North America.

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Fine offers the software solutions for solving various geotechnical problems:

Ground loss problem

Cracks in a masonry building due to ground movements

About author

The author, Radko Bucek MSc., Ph.D., is a distinguished expert in the field of underground structures. He gained his abundant experience while working with world-known consultant companies such as Golder Associates, SG-Geotechnika and D2-Consult. Recently he works as the Chief Tunnel Engineer in Mott MacDonald Prague.

In cooperation with company Fine, developer of civil engineering software, the original program has been considerably improved and implemented into professional geotechnical software package GEO.


Logo Consult

The software was used by Austrian company D2-Consult during preparation of underground line „Budapest metro line 4” in Budapest to predict ground settlement and its effects on surrounding buildings.

Logo Ko-Ka

Since 2005 the program has been continuously used by company KO-KA for designing collectors in Prague.

Mott MacDonald

Recently the software has been used by company Mott MacDonald, Prague. The author of the program works there as the chief engineer in branch of underground structures.